reviews from previous boot camp participants

Shayne Payne and his team created a very creative/effective atmosphere to learn. The "Set Apart Boot Camp" was extremely helpful to me. It clarified biblically certain aspects of my assignment to intercede for the City and how to do it effectively. The section on "Worthy Priesthood" challenged me to review my services to the LORD and humanity, first as priest unto the LORD then priest unto the people as a servant of God. I am looking forward to the next session 

Dr. Jacobs Obamedo

Newark NJ

Our experience at EGMI this past summer was truly life changing and provoking. My wife and I both were raised in the church and have been in ministry for a while now, however being apart of this experience allowed us to see the Lord and our pursuit of Him in an entirely different light. In this season our home church was focused on seeing God as our Father at EGMI we learned how to reverence and extol Him as King. We're often taught to take our worries and concerns to God and not that we shouldn't, but in this time away at EGMI Digging the Wells Mini Boot camp we prayed prayers that challenged us to encounter God with our entire beings. It opened our eyes and gave us better understanding on Spiritual warfare and our position as Intercessors. We'd like to thank Pastor Shayne for his invitation and his wonderful family and staff for their hospitality.

Benjamin and DeVon Tatangang- Rockwall, Texas

I give many thanks to Pastor Shayne and his staff/volunteers. My time at the Digging the Wells mini boot camp surpassed any expectations I had. I went with the understanding that my life would be changed and that I would encounter God. A dear friend of mine shared how her life had been impacted by Pastor Shayne’s ministry. She shared her life had been changed after a three days stay in New York. Listening to her testimony, my heart longed for such an experience. I wanted to go deeper in God and felt He was beckoning me to go deeper but I was not certain of how and what that meant to be honest. I knew I wanted and needed more than another church conference, bible study or prayer meeting (although all those things have helped me along my Christian journey).  So, with this opportunity before me, my sister and I registered and went to New York. After the second day, my declaration was that I had been changed. However, by the last day, my declaration was similar to Queen Sheba’s statements about her visit with King Solomon. I declared that the half had not been told to me about all that I would experience at the Digging the Wells mini boot camp.  I was awed by the wisdom shared but more than that the God of the Bible had become more real to me than my entire 25 years of life as a born again believer. During my time at the boot camp, I felt like prior, I had merely been a spectator from afar of a God I had served for 25 years. The mini boot camp has transformed my life to where I am no longer satisfied with my current understanding about this God I serve. My desire to know Him, love Him and make Him known is my reality not just a fleeting thought, good idea or even the thing to do as a good Christian. The mini boot camp introduced me to God Almighty who made covenant with Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the One who sent His only begotten Son to die that we might have eternal life. I did not come away with mere steps on intercession, I came away with a renewed and vibrant personal relationship with God. 

Melissa, Virginia


Digging Deeper Wells mini boot camp is a game-changer for the people of God! First, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The presence of God is tangible. And the Word of God is truly alive! What I was most impacted by was the life style challenge to devote my time and direct my prayer specifically for hearing the instruction and heart of God. Before this training I had become accustomed to praying warfare prayers where my wants and desires were the focus. But through intense study and practical guidance provided at training I have discovered a deeper meaning and have tapped into a greater purpose for my life-intercessory prayer for the nations! If ever there was a time when the land of nations require healing and it's people a revival , it is NOW! Intercessory prayer is imperative! Thank you so much for providing the. space, biblical instruction and opportunity for a genuine spiritual encounter. My life is forever changed!       

Winona Beauford, Staten Island, NY

My experience at EGMI was life changing!  The teachings were dynamic in substance and profound in revelation, and the rap sessions that followed were engaging.  Attendingthe EGMI Digging the Wells Mini Boot Camp afforded me the opportunity to intentionally focus on God and devote myself to the study of His Word uninterrupted.  Spending time in an environment that not only welcomed the Presence of God but took me out of my normal everyday life and responsibilities, helped me to put things in the right perspective.  At EGMI, I was challenged to examine the motivations of my heart, encouraged to offer a greater sacrifice to God, and taught to give my entire being over to Him without interjecting my opinions, thoughts, and ideas in His affairs.  EGMI is not a church service where you go to hear a good sermon.  EGMI is a way of life; an invitation to join the holy priesthood and learn what it truly takes to live an acceptable, set apart life.  

Pastor Lisa Evans, Rockwall, TX

I was initially invited as a friend of the ministry to volunteer as a cook, responsible for preparing lunch and dinner for the people. I was glad to for the opportunity to be among the people and to support what God is doing at Elim.

I enjoyed the 6 am early morning prayer. In the presence of God, during my time of fasting, I was led to deeper repentance and spiritual cleansing as I poured out my heart longing for more of Him. My room has no A/C. At first it was a challenge but as I humbled myself, I found amazing joy and peace in my humble room. I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.Philippians 4:12‭-‬13 I missed a few ending sessions because of the need to prepare for the meals but the LORD taught me so much about serving with the right attitude in life, love and humility, willingness to yield and give my best to the body of Christ. I was able be set apart, consecrated for the Lord in a much deeper way during my alone times. I also enjoyed wonderful moments with the saints. I received much by the sharing of Pastor Shayne Payne. I am thankful.

Janet Chew, Malaysia

During my time at Elim, God’s presence was strong. Being able to commune with like minded people on a mission to serve His will and to do more, really made the experience quite enjoyable. I naturally have a hard time focusing. But the way the sessions were set up, I was able to understand, interpret and consume what was being taught. At the end of each session, there was a time of reflection. This was perfect, because you got your questions answered, shared your thoughts about what was learned with others, heard there thoughts and opinions and it was all out of love and for a great thirst of deeper understanding. Now let’s talk about morning glory... the perfect way to start the day! 6:00 am and up with the Lord in worship and deep meaningful prayer. It was the best way to enter into a day of worship and a great word. When you pray on your own, it’s on is great, but prayer with other prayer warriors... phenomenal!! These sessions were a Holy Spirit fill slice of heaven on earth.             

 Katherine Koldbeck, Bronx, NYC