Digging the Wells Mini Boot Camp


This will be a five-day training where the applicants will begin to transition prayer warriors into Intercessors.  

There is no record in the Scriptures where God called for “prayer warriors”. He did look for intercessors but found none. During this time, the applicants will learn how to dig deeper wells in their relationship with God that will lead them to a lifestyle of pursuing and fulfilling destiny.

Applicants should arrive the Sunday afternoon or evening, or early a.m. Monday morning.  Commissioning and dismissal will be the Friday night following the last session. Departure will be that Saturday for residential delegates.

Life at the training centers will be established upon these three foundation stones: 

·   My life is not my own; it belongs to Jesus Christ.

·   I live only to pursue and fulfil the purposes of God.

·   I will submit to the Law of Love.

The lifestyle necessary to live out these principles follows. These will govern the day-to-day activities at the training center.  

·  A lifestyle given to the Word of God 

·  A lifestyle of praise and worship responding to the Word of God 

·  Deep communion and travailing prayer that births Gods purposes

·  Prophetic insight          

·  Subduing/crucifying the flesh 

·  Spying on the enemy 

·  Assigning purpose to time 

Upon completion of the training each revival carrier will understand and can model the lifestyle necessary to: 

·  Raise effective altars or repair broken altars anywhere in the world.

·  Open the heavens and draw the presence of God on that altar.

·  Engage in spiritual warfare to destroy personal darkness and its effects.

·  Raise disciples who can engage in spiritual warfare to break the grip of darkness over  territories.


5-Day Mini-Boot Camp Admission Requirements 

U.S.  Applicants  

Individuals applying for admission into EGMI Digging the Wells Mini Boot Camp program must meet the following requirements in order to be admitted into the program: 

  • Complete an EGMI Admission Application
  • Pastoral or Ministry Leader Recommendation
  • Remit Payment of $200.00 for tuition, room, board, and transportation.
  • Upon acceptance, you must send your travel itinerary one week prior to your travel date to allow our staff time to schedule all shuttle services

International Applicants  

Students from other nations and countries outside of the United States who wish to attend the EGMI Training and Equipping Center must fulfill the following requirements: 

  • Complete an EGMI Admission Application
  • Pastoral or Ministry Leader Recommendation
  • Remit Payment of $200.00 for tuition, room, board, and transportation.
  • Submit copies of proper documents (passport, visa, driver’s license or I.D. card, etc.) 
  • Upon acceptance, you must send your travel itinerary one week prior to your travel date to allow our staff time to schedule all shuttle services

Application Procedures 

Applicants who have completed the admission requirements will be notified of their acceptance into the EGMI Digging the Wells Mini-Boot Camp Program once their application has been reviewed and approved.  Applications that are incomplete, cannot be considered without all of the required information and documentation provided.  Applicants who are accepted into the EGMI program must complete the program requirements as found in the Training Catalog.  

Please mail the completed application, pastoral recommendation, and tuition to the address below: 

Elim Global Missions Initiative 

498 Manor Road 

Staten Island, NY 10314

*The required documentation and payment for each applicant must be received no later than two weeks prior to the training date.  





Students who wish to withdraw from the program must complete the proper withdrawal form. The withdrawal from the training center can be submitted at any time throughout the program. Students who wish to withdraw must meet with the program director to explain their reason for leaving the program. Individuals who wish to return to the EGMI after withdrawing must wait for the start of the next 5-day term before re-applying to the program.   



All students are required to pay the 5-day tuition fee of $200.00 for the 5-day Digging the Wells Mini-Boot Camp training. Tuition includes housing from Sunday’s arrival until Saturday’s departure and all meals during the stay. 

Payment Options Checks, Money Order or PayPal. If paying by check, please make the check or money order payable to Elim Christian Assembly.  If paying via PayPal, be sure to include an additional $7.00 convenience fee.  



Individuals who require housing provided by the school must adhere to the house rules. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the house without refund. Each house is assigned a house overseer who is responsible for enforcing the rules and maintaining the home. All residents must report to their overseer for any concerns or to report if the following rules are being violated by any housemates.  

 Secular music is not permitted in any home.

 Noise level must be kept at a minimum to respect other residents.

 Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or drugs of any kind are not permitted in the house or on the property.

 Pornographic material of any kind is unacceptable.

 Dirty dishes are not allowed to be left overnight. The kitchen must be cleaned every night by assigned members of the house.

 Physical and verbal abuse toward housemates are not permitted.

 Friends of the same sex or opposite sex are not allowed to gather socially in the house. 

 Occupants are not allowed to watch movies with obscene language or inappropriate material.

 Stealing of another’s property is unacceptable.

 Occupants may not touch another person’s property without their permission.

 No pets are allowed in the house or on the premises.  

 The thermostat and AC unit(s) may only be adjusted by the house overseer. 

 Members of the opposite sex are not allowed to ride together one-on-one unless.

 House cleaning and laundry schedules set in place by the house overseer must be followed.

 Any property damage done by a member of the house must be repaired by the occupant.

 Occupants are required to eat meals together to build relationships.  No meals are to be eaten in the sleeping quarters.   

 All common areas must remain clean at all times. These areas include the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

 Personal rooms must be kept clean. 


Dating is prohibited for any student that is enrolled in the program, whether full time or part time. Any student that is found guilty of being sexually involved with another student or peer will be automatically dismissed from the program. NO EXCEPTIONS! Students who are dating prior to being accepted into the institute must forfeit their relationship upon enrollment. Those who are engaged to be married may continue their relationship, on the condition of agreement to pre-marital counseling with the lead pastors.  

Discipline Policy 

Any student found in violation of the Code of Conduct or Academic Policies are subject to the following: 

Warning 1: A verbal warning.

Warning 2: A verbal warning and written warning.   

Warning 3: A meeting with the program director.

Final Action:  Dismissal from the program.  Students who are dismissed for violating the code of conduct will NOT be readmitted into the program.


EGMI students are provided with resources to expound and assist their learning for their various courses. Resources include access to the Hidden Treasures Book Store which provides books and materials to assist the students with homework, research, projects, and general studies. Internet access is also provided for students in the classroom as well as the ministry houses. 


Student Orientation 

Students who have been accepted into the program are required to attend orientation. This will give students an overview of the program and the rules, as well as introduction to the faculty and staff. Students will receive books for the required courses in addition to school supplies that will be needed for the semester.  

Course Description

Students are required to attend all sessions scheduled each day.

Early Morning Interaction is a time of presenting oneself before the Lord. We expect that the Lord would have revealed Himself and the conditions to move forward that would require a response from the individual (such as areas of blockages, deep rooted idolatry, etc.)  That time is to meet with the Lord and resolve any revealed issue. If there are none, then it will be a time to present oneself to the Lord as a child and then as a covenant partner, inviting Him and His manifest presence and His will to be done in that day.

Session 2 on Monday will be orientation. A time to assess the people’s understanding of the subject; assess expectations and levels of faith. 

Session 2 for Tuesday through Friday will be an introduction of a new topic for teaching, instruction, and discussion.

Session 3 each day will be used to handle submission to the Lordship of Jesus. 

Session 4 each day will be praying into that position.

Course Schedule 

Session 1  6:00-7:00 am         Early Morning interaction

Session 2  9:00-11:45 am       New topic presentation

Session 3  3:00-5:00 pm         Further unpack topic/ fellowship with Q&A

Session 4  7:00-10:00 pm       Model and pray into/through topic to breakthrough

The topics to be covered in sessions 2 and 3 are:

·  God’s Search for Intercessors

·  Principles of Effective Intercession

·  Understanding and Attracting the Presence of God

·  Prayer that opens the Heavens

·  The Lordship of God & Submitting to God

·  Intro to Effective Spiritual Warfare


Students must adhere to the attendance policy set in place by EGMI. Students are required to attend each session in the training and be on time to each class.